Hello from Kentucky!

Hi Internet!

I’m a little late getting on the blog train. I’ve been meaning to for a long time, but I thought I had nothing to write about. Then I realized that wasn’t true. At least, not now. I am just beginning my summer internship with Patch.com, an online news website with pages all around the country, focusing on local community trends and events. I’m in Bowling Green, KY for the opening workshop, meeting all of the other interns and learning how Patch works! In a week I’ll head back home to Mercer Island and do the rest of my work there and surrounding areas. I honestly have no idea how this all will turn out, but it seems like it will be a blast – there’s a reason why I applied for it, after all.

Today I traveled for awhile and arrived in Bowling Green around 4 pm. We didn’t have to be anywhere for awhile, so three other girls and I wandered around town and ate Wendy’s. (Which I hadn’t been to in a long time. So sad.) This town is definitely not Mercer Island, or Decorah. It’s the South, baby. Western Kentucky University, where the workshop is actually being held, is very different from Luther, and it feels very strange to me. As in, I still feel like I’m at Luther, but this isn’t exactly a place where you’d want to walk around at night alone at all. Not to mention the giant football and basketball facilities. While I’m not the only liberal arts student here, I’m definitely the only one having the kind of college experience that I have. I’m so thankful for it.

As far as the actual work goes, I spent some time this evening brainstorming with my teammates about ideas for a news website we could create about something important in Bowling Green. We chose to write about weather, in light of the recent tornadoes in the Plains states (Kentucky isn’t that far from Oklahoma and has had its share of tornadoes). Carly, Zach, Ali and I will interview local people and see how prepared they are if an EF-5 twister comes their way and use Vine to share it. I downloaded Vine a few days ago but haven’t used it yet – it’s one of the many tools I’ll learn to use well this summer! Today’s journalists really need to keep up with the technology and media scene to keep their voices heard. It’s good to be able to write well, and I believe I already do. It’s another to take advantage of the resources you have available. Now that I have a summer to focus on that, I can’t imagine where I’ll be by the end. I’ll be so enthusiastic to jump into my new role as the news editor of Chips.

Check back for periodic updates on how internship life is treating me. For now, I’ll try to wind down after reading a vivid story about brain surgery… eck…




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