First story! Woo!

I have finally posted on a Patch site! It’s the Puyallup one, a story on the problems resulting from a major buildup of silt in Clarks Creek, which diverts storm water and waste water to the Puyallup River. The problem is a lot worse than many citizens want to acknowledge (or city government for that matter), and I feel like I can make a difference by giving this story the attention it deserves. I spent a couple hours in Puyallup last night (long drive, lots of traffic, but totally worth it) talking with four citizens who care about this issue, including one guy who is running for City Council this November. They are wonderful people, very kind as well as passionate. I’m sure I’ll see them again before too long. We walked along the creek and observed the contamination that has occurred in the retention ponds, which is harmful to all life around it. By the end of the night, I was pretty emotional about the issue, even though I live pretty far from Puyallup. In the morning, I got up and began work on the story, which I just finished at posted this evening!

Also yesterday, I went to Tacoma and met with one of the associate regional editors (ARE) and several local editors. We talked about story ideas for the summer, which all sounded fun to me. I’m hoping to be pitching some stories of my own, but since I’m not going to be writing about happenings in my own area (Mercer Island), that might be hard. So the others will be giving me some assignments as well. I still don’t know quite how everything works, but my first story was a success, according to the editors, so I think I’ll be all right. The stories are what’s most important – the technical things shouldn’t get in the way of good content.

As for the rest of life, I didn’t do much else today besides working on this story. I worked out at the gym and had a drink and onion rings with one of my oldest friends at the Roanoke on the North end of the Island. And of course watching Friends and Big Bang Theory. I really do need to play my cello more… If you’re reading this, please remind me to do so! Otherwise I’ll just sit here tweeting away for the rest of my life…



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