What does the potato say?

I knew it. I knew my last blog entry would be the last of 2013. I mean, it’s not that I didn’t have time over break, but I didn’t have the motivation either. Looking back on it, I was burned out at the end of the semester, and so was the rest of my family. My grandparents stayed at my house for five nights, and it seems that all I did during that time was watch football, open presents, tweet, and try to eat. But I guess that’s what break is for, even though I always go into them with plans to accomplish things I can’t when I have class and rehearsals.

To begin, I did not get home until December 20, a week later than I did junior year, and I had done no Christmas shopping, so I did it immediately. Apparently a 2-hour time change is enough to cause jet lag, because I hardly ever slept later than 7:30 am. You’d think that would mean I’d be productive, but of course it did not. I also felt sick to my stomach for the majority of break, for some reason, so I didn’t enjoy the food we had as much as normally. I certainly didn’t eat enough pickled herring. I was hardly ever hungry and had trouble sleeping, and it affected my moods too. So weird. I am better now, though, and no longer jet lagged. (Right before I’m about to go back, of course.)

I did have plenty of good moments over Christmas. I went on walks with my mom and grandma, hung out with my old friends and gave them Christmas presents (and received them), met a Seattle-area Luther alum (see my Facebook status from Dec. 21), watched the UW Huskies win a bowl game with my cousin and his wife, read the Seattle Times, went to church twice, and watched the 2012 Christmas at Luther DVD probably too many times. I caused the Seahawks to lose in Week 16 (see my tweets from 12/22), but I watched Week 17 too and they won so maybe there’s no need for superstition. I basked in the mid-30 degree temperatures, which I am about to ditch for -20… Yuck. My family and I visited my other grandma at her room in the Norse Home and my great-aunt and uncle in the Hearthstone, and my dad’s family came to our house on Christmas Day for crab dip and deviled eggs. So it’s not like I didn’t do anything with the first week of break. Maybe it’s ok that I didn’t. I won’t waste time hating on myself for it – I’ve gotten a lot of the little things taken care of by now, which suggests to me that the burnout is over!

But enough about the sad stuff. I haven’t covered the second part of break. This week, I traveled to Boise to stay with my cousin and her best friend/roommate, who are from the Portland and Seattle areas, respectively. They just moved there in October and are starting up new lives there. My grandparents who visited us live there, too, so they have a lot of support. I’m very happy for them. 🙂 I wasn’t the only one who came to visit – our friend from Portland and one of my cousin’s friends from her old church came too. I think this is what cured my burnout. For one, I stopped feeling sick, didn’t have to stay in my house all the time, and got to watch a potato drop to ring in 2014, as my feet froze. The downside was, I got “What Does the Fox Say?” stuck in my head. But the upside outweighed that by a long shot. We watched Disney movies, went shopping, talked about life, laughed almost constantly, and drank cider. My cousin and I went to see the Botanical Garden lights just outside downtown Boise with our grandma, which filled up my Instagram. Boise is a really cute place, even though it’s not the biggest city in the world. You can check out my Instagram photos if you want to see more. I still don’t entirely understand the place geographically, but it was very cool to see how my cousin is doing and what her life is like. She and I have always been close. And, since we stayed up so late every night and did so many things, my jet lag is fixed. (Plus Boise is an hour ahead of Seattle, so that mediated the 2-hour lag.) At some point, though, I stopped feeling burnt out and unmotivated. When I returned last night, I knew I was ready to go back to school. And I am. 

J-term won’t be easy, of course. My class, Africana Women’s Writing, is of course filled with reading and writing. I have to finish up my senior paper and get ready to write the play, learn the first movement of the Dvorak Cello Concerto, have Symphony rehearsal every night, edit the Chips magazine, and learn a violin-cello duet with my old roommate, to name a few things. But I wouldn’t have it any other way – I live life to the fullest, and this is what that means for me. One day at a time is the way to do it. I have the right people around me at Luther to hang out with. I know I’ll be stressed, but seeing how I got through last semester relatively unharmed in the end, I’m confident in the final J-term and spring semester. Just got to keep writing and Instagramming.

I’m fading here. Gotta get mentally prepared to freeze on Sunday night… 




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