Monthly Archives: July 2014

Post-grad play time is over.

By that, I mean I have a job and I begin tomorrow morning. I will be a Communications Intern at Farmers New World Life on Mercer Island, which means a stress-free commute and at least one co-worker whom I already know! It also means a new environment, a corporate office rather than a newsroom. I am quite excited! It’s an 8-10 week position, but who knows what it may lead to, and of course I will continue networking during this time. While it took me awhile to get off my feet, now that I have a position lined up, I’ve felt so much stress off my shoulders. Patience has never been my strength, but it certainly is a virtue. 🙂
I just returned to Seattle from a long weekend in Boise with my mom and grandparents. It was 100 degrees there every day, but surprisingly not unpleasant, as it was only about 14% humidity. I always have fun there, no matter the season. I even met some older Luther alumni at church on Sunday! I posted a photo on Instagram of us with our class rings. My grandma is always savvy on what’s going on with our extended family members, so I got all caught up on that as well.
On the 4th of July, I chilled on the Island, playing with my friends’ dogs while they were in California for a few days, watching my favorite musical “1776,” eating salmon burgers, and playing music with the Bellevue Youth Symphony for the fireworks at the Bellevue Family 4th – always a good time, and an exhilarating one at that! I’m hoping to be part of a community orchestra this fall. There are several I would consider auditioning for, which means I would have to practice… heh.
Another one of my projects this summer is helping my cousin plan her wedding, set for this fall in Seattle. I’m going to be one of her bridesmaids, my first time ever being one and hopefully not the last. This will be a new kind of role for me; I haven’t got much experience planning things, and I’m the first to admit that among my friends, I’m not the one driving social events, although I love being there. But I want her to have a great time, and I’m thankful she wants me to be part of her special day. I will be playing cello in the wedding as well. So that gives me something else to practice for. Fortunately, my cousin has a great picture in her head of what she wants things to be like, and she knows people who will do things for her for free. First order of business? Find a dress! 🙂
I think I’ll conclude here. As I did last summer (the purpose for starting this blog, really), I’ll write about my duties and experiences at my workplace, as well as other interesting events in my life. It is time for bed, though. I will definitely be in need of coffee in the morning… here goes.