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West Coast is the best coast, but the Midwest is… well, the best!

Hello friends of the social media,

I have not updated this particular site of mine since August 23. Funny how that happens. But, I suppose I should remedy that… I don’t know where to start! I’ve made two trips back to the Midwest, which I did not think would happen two months ago, until my old roommate and close friend Katherine made a Facebook event for Christmas at Luther plans. I thought, “I’ve got to go.” So I did. But that was not my first trip – I also went in the middle of November, to Rochester, MN, for a job interview. A day later, I was offered this job, and I’m moving back in 2 weeks! I will be only an hour away from Decorah, in a brand new city that’s not too small or too large, full of life and young adults and friends. Not to mention, my job is exactly what I’m looking for right now. I will be working with the digital content for Ashdown Publishing (, and I get to work most closely with another Luther College English graduate! The magazines mostly have to do with specialty crafts. I think the content I’ll be dealing with is mostly about knitting, which I know how to do and can’t wait to get better! Needless to say, I’ve been spending a lot of time packing lately. My house has been a bit chaotic, but it’s better now. We are not hosting Christmas this year, but rather visiting my grandparents in Boise… then taking off for Rochester right after. My parents are being very kind and helping me move – things have worked out quite fortunately, despite the move taking place in December. I found a place to live while on my brief trip for C@L, and it’s exactly what I need. The future looks bright – I am going to finally “escape from the Rock,” as we say about Mercer Island.

I also recently finished my previous job at Farmers New World Life Insurance Company. I now have a better idea of what corporate marketing looks like, and I have confidence that I’d be able to work in that environment successfully if that was the best opportunity I had. It was an adventure, to say the least! I was just lucky that I found the job as quickly as I did, that it was close to home, and that I had mentors there who made sure I didn’t get lost. And I made a great friend in my co-intern, Iris, who is also moving, although only 3 hours south. I am so thankful for all of it!

My other major activity this fall was being a bridesmaid for my cousin Laurel. The wedding took place at the beginning of November and was stunning! It’s an experience I’ll never forget. I was the youngest of the five bridesmaids and also got to play the cello while she and her new husband Jason took communion. They are very happy together 🙂 I’m thankful to have lived close by to them for these past few months. I’m also planning on wearing my bridesmaid dress for Christmas Eve worship (with a black shrug this time). The whole thing showed me that weddings are a lot of work, but they are so worth it! We all had a great time.

Of course Seattle has been its usual self – cloudy, rainy, a bit football-obsessed… I’ve finally taken the time over the last couple years to get to know the city better. Seattle has a reputation for the “freeze” of the people, or that we aren’t very welcoming. But I’ve gotten to know some wonderful people. We all need love, and there’s plenty to go around. 🙂 One way I got to know people was through the International Friendship House Tuesday night dinners, near the University of Washington. Not only did I meet people my age, but I got to pretend I was still in college for one night a week. My high school friend (and Farmers colleague) Jane invited me at the beginning of June, and I kept going with her. In the coincidence of the century, at one dinner at the end of September, I met a guy whom I’d met about 7 years ago at a Chinook Aquatic Club swim workout and who went to Mercer Island High, but graduated a few years before me. We have become close friends since then.

But, now is the time to move on to a new social group, at least in terms of my immediate surroundings. I know several people who live there already, and I’ll plan on reconnecting with other friends from Luther who live not too far away. I can’t even believe this is happening. If you’d told me six months ago that I was going to move out right after Christmas, I’m not sure I would have believed you. But, things happen as long as you don’t lose your perspective along the journey. It’s good to set goals in your life to keep moving forward, but also remember that there’s no end-all-be-all moment for you. You can keep redefining yourself in whatever time you have. It doesn’t matter what the court of public opinion says. 😉

Until next time, which will probably be 2015… Happy Christmas!