Bead Show Eve – Round 2

As I write this, I’m winding down for the evening in Storrington before heading up to Surrey tomorrow to set up for yet another Big Bead Show, where I’ll represent Bead Me Magazine. This week has flown by. We’ve accomplished a lot that we needed to for our company and re-connected with our British colleagues. I’ve certainly shared many laughs with them, and they’ve borne witness to my “cat stretch.” I don’t know what to say about it, really, as I’m still processing. What I do know is that I’ve begun my adventure into the Periscope app, which I’d never used before, but am excited about now for sharing my beading journey.

I’m also entrenched in Anglophilia once again, if you know what I mean. It’s really not a disease, though I’ve made it sound that way here. Just an obsession that dates back to college. I’ve come alive this week like never before, more eager to relish others’ company and, dare I say it, extroverted. My fear is that once I return home on the 24th, I’ll be too exhausted to function for several days, recovering from the high I’m on, but I won’t worry about it for now. My head and heart are full.

Apart from working, we’ve been on a couple of walks with the Kings and their dogs in the South Downs National Park, which is quite large, but we just walk part of an area of trail there. The dogs, Albert and Lulu, love it. It feels like wandering through the pages of a book – I’m sure I’ve said that before. And we also visited The Rising Sun pub again yesterday with our whole crew, the combined USA and UK teams. The camaraderie we’ve shared this week is something I’ll never forget. It’s started up a fresh wave of energy that I won’t let go of.

Of course I’ve also enjoyed watching British quiz shows on TV with a few glasses of red wine (or Madeira), eating biscuits, and chatting with the Kings. They are as great hosts as ever. My parents actually came out here and met them about a month ago, and they Skyped me while I was at the office that day. A totally surreal moment… and now I am here too! It’s almost unreal. I hated to leave Minnesota last week, as I love that area very much too, but it’s hard to imagine going back from what I can only call a mountaintop experience. I feel affirmed, loved, appreciated… I’ve needed this more than I thought. Let’s see what I feel inspired to do when I get back. Last time it was finding a new apartment. I still have a week and a half to figure out what it will be this time.

Okay – my thoughts are becoming jumbled in my mind. I wish I could say more, as I realize I haven’t posted on here in awhile and of course much has happened in Minnesota as well since I got back from Seattle. It’s past 10 pm here, if you can believe it. I’ll have more to report soon, after the show and our holiday in Italy next week. Traveling here wasn’t terribly difficult, so pray that keeps up. I wish I could bring you all out here with me to what I consider my fourth home, behind Seattle, Decorah, and Rochester.

Peace, blessings, and beads!



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